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Embertec Emberplug Advanced Power Strip

Embertec Emberplug Advanced Power Strip

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The Embertec Emberplug® 4AV+ Advanced Power Strip (APS) is the highest performing energy saving APS available worldwide.

Featuring the Embertec-invented Active Powerdown® and a superior 64k microprocessor, the Emberplug® 4AV+ delivers class leading reliability and performance with proven customer satisfaction.

The Emberplug® 4AV+ has high levels of surge protection and is cleverly designed to work with the household’s own surge protected power strip. In this way, surge protection is increased as there are two layers for any surge to attempt to break through and the investment in the original surge power strip is not compromised.The superior wall tap design allows you to keep your existing surge power strip with all the features you love and connect it in conjunction with the Emberplug® 4AV+ for added protection and energy savings. Embertec warrants all claims for any connected equipment, connected directly either through the Emberplug® 4AV+ or indirectly to the Emberplug® 4AV+ through the household’s own warranted connected surge power strip.

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